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Caboria Restaurant Kuwait, last updated on , is listed under the categories: Oriental Restaurants, Sandwiches. It was added to Kuwait Directory Rinnoo.net on .

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Brief on Caboria Restaurant - Kuwait

Caboria Restaurant Company is a national food chain that sells fast food. Its first restaurant was opened in 1994, in Salmiya, Kuwait, by a few local investors that had a vision of how to bring great food to the community.

Since the company's founding Caboria has grown to have many locations which with strong determination continues to provide the same quality and service as in 1994 when all the attention was focused on the first branch.

Our mission is to bring to market the tastiest and healthiest fast food in Kuwait, at a lower cost over other fast food restaurants. Our high standard of quality and cleanliness continues to establish our reputation as the cleanest fast food restaurant in Kuwait.

Our community is as important to us as making a profit. This company is founded on the concept that good works and good deeds not only serve the needs of the community, but will also keep our company healthy and committed to the success of its customers.

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