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Brief on Arabesq Sweets - UAE

ARABESQ is a boutique with a full range of Middle East and Arabic regions sweets exclusive products, offering assortment from Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco and United Arab Emirates.

ARABESQ offers a full Arabic, but contemporary sweet experience for both expatriate and local customers: tasting- savoring, self-treats & gifting, introducing a different way of consuming and enjoying Arabic sweets.

ARABESQ offers to local customer a wide range of regional and other Arabic countries specialties and at the same time makes the expatriates feel comfortable in a 'Contemporary-Arabic' and welcoming concept to suit their needs.

One of the attraction of ARABESQ is the famous Bakdash Booza, directly from Syria and well known in all the Arab world for its pounded ice cream with an elastic texture and pistachio-covered.'

Targeted Customers:
- Locals: To offer them under one roof, a wide range of regional and other Arabic countries specialties.
- Expatriates: make them feel comfortable in a Contemporary- Arabic and welcoming concept to suit their needs.

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