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Brief on Kuwait Finance & Investment Company (KFIC)

Kuwait Finance & Investment Company (KFIC), is one of the leading financing and investment Companies in the region. It was initially established on April 15th 2000, as a Kuwaiti Shareholding Company, primarily operating in the financial services sector. On July 28th 2003 KFIC was listed on the “Kuwait Stock Exchange”. Soon after, in 2004, KFIC broadened its organizational structure and strategy to include more services such as asset management, direct investments and investment consulting services.

During the 2008 economic meltdown, KFIC underwent some difficulties and faced the repercussions of the global crisis. However, KFIC established a restructuring plan to build a robust business strategy. With the support of lenders and shareholders who believed in the company’s future prospects, KFIC was able to strengthen its business strategy and rebuild its reputation, thus enabling KFIC to have adequate liquidity and stability, not to fall a day behind to repay its debt as per the repayment plan.

In 2012 not only the debt crisis was over but KFIC was able to reestablish its image as a premier financial and investment institution in a post-crisis world.

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Branches of KFIC in Kuwait

  • 1Kuwait Finance & Investment Company (KFIC), Head Office - Sharq, KuwaitKFIC - Head Office

    Capital Governorate \ Sharq - Block 5, Ahmad Al Jaber Street, Al Arabia Tower, Building no. 21

  • 2Kuwait Finance & Investment Company (KFIC) - Rai Branch - KuwaitKFIC - Rai

    Farwaniya Governorate \ Rai - Industrial Area, Block 3, Street 9, Building no. 1690, Shop no. 8 and 7, Ground Floor

  • 3Kuwait Finance & Investment Company (KFIC) - Qurain Market Branch - KuwaitKFIC - Qurain Market

    Mubarak Al Kabir Governorate \ West Abu Fatira - inside Qurain Market - Block 1, Building 465, Ground Floor

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Contact Info of Kuwait Finance & Investment Company (KFIC)

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