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Brief on KIC Financial Brokerage Company - Kuwait

KIC Financial Brokerage Co. was established on 29 March 2006 with a capital of 20,000,000. KD In order to exercise its leading and competitive role in this field due to the expertise and competencies it has moved with it from the Kuwait Investment Company and the existence of a professional and administrative organization that will improve the performance of employees in the framework of a clear career future.

KIC Financial Brokerage Co. is one of the leading companies in the State of Kuwait. We specialize in providing our clients with innovative and exceptional services in the field of financial Brokerage. Our comprehensive and integrated solutions provide our customers with easy access to financial information through trusted intermediaries and experts in this field, as well as the latest technology through our online trading services.

KIC Financial Brokerage Co. was not born at the Moment of incorporation but had been operating as a brokerage firm of Kuwait Investment Company for quite some time. These experiences have moved to the company as well as the addition of strategic shareholders with experience and financial solvency, which enhances the company's position. K.I.C owns majority stake in addition to strategic partners including aBK, Commercial Bank of Kuwait and other financial institutions.

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Branches of KIC Financial Brokerage Co. in Kuwait

  • 1KIC Financial Brokerage Company - Kuwait City, KuwaitKIC Financial Brokerage Co.

    Capital Governorate \ Kuwait City - Block 1, Jaber Al Ahmad Street, Bahman Building No. 4, 1st Floor

  • 2KIC Financial Brokerage Company - Sharq (Boursa Kuwait), KuwaitKIC Wasata

    Capital Governorate \ Sharq - inside Boursa Kuwait - 1st Floor

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