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Brief on Dr. Nabil Fakih Plastic Surgery - Lebanon

Former Vice-President of Spanish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery, Facial Plastic Surgery & Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery, Owner of Fakih Hospital.

Dr. Nabil Fakih offers 2 locations (Beirut or Khayzaran) in Lebanon for patients to consult.

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Branches of Dr. Nabil Fakih in Lebanon

  • 1Dr. Nabil Fakih Plastic Surgery - Tyre Branch - LebanonDr. Nabil Fakih - Tyre
    South Lebanon Governorate \ Tyre (Sour) District \ Tyre - Sea Road Saida-Sour, Main Street Khaizaran, 1st Floor Department of Facial Plastic Surgery, Fakih Hospital

  • 2Dr. Nabil Fakih Plastic Surgery - Jnah Branch - LebanonDr. Nabil Fakih - Jnah

    Beirut Governorate \ Jnah - Imam Mousa Al Sader Street, Centro Mall Office Building, Suite 1, Floor 2

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Contact Info of Dr. Nabil Fakih Plastic Surgery - Lebanon

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