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Brief on Sashimi Sushi Bar - Lebanon

Sashimi sushi bar open is an upscale restaurant that caters to the needs of seafood lovers who appreciate Japanese gastronomy in an amazing atmosphere.

A unique menu provides guests with a wide choice of the best quality fish, with novel flavors and innovative combinations.

Sashimi Sushi Bar Lebanon, last updated on , is listed under the categories: Asian Restaurants, Japanese Restaurants. It was added to Lebanon Directory Rinnoo.net on .

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Branches of Sashimi in Lebanon

  • 1Sashimi Sushi Bar - Baabda Branch - LebanonSashimi - Baabda

    Mount Lebanon Governorate \ Baabda District \ Baabda - Main Street, Facing Saint Georges Church

  • 2Sashimi Sushi Bar - Mansourieh Branch - LebanonSashimi - Mansourieh

    Mount Lebanon Governorate \ Matn District \ Mansourieh - Highway, Next to Credit Bank

  • 3Sashimi Sushi Bar - Sin El Fil Branch - LebanonSashimi - Sin El Fil

    Mount Lebanon Governorate \ Matn District \ Sin El Fil - Sayde Street, Facing Sayde Church

* Most viewed out of 3 branches in the last 30 days, from 18 December 2020 till today.

Contact Info of Sashimi Sushi Bar - Lebanon

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