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Brief on Mana'eesh Am Darweesh - Kuwait

Am Darweesh lived between 1858 & 1972 and was famous in Bilad Al Sham with his unique "Mana'eesh" which he served for sultans.

We launch Am Darweesh's History and a Brand carrying his name to the world starting from Kuwait and we bring you back his Mana'eesh like you've never witnessed before in a variety, flavor, style & a great value.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a unique & fashionable Arabic fast-food experience, that is generous, authentic and high in its quality and sensational value, creating a new arabic franchise that will expand internationally in the near future.

We also aspire to carry & transfer the middle eastern & oriental Arabic food culture to foreign countries by bringing them this part of our Arabic traditional cuisine served and packaged in style & value.

We believe that food is a cultural social activity that can be a tool by which cultures get to meet and fuse.

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Branches of Am Darweesh in Kuwait

  • 1Mana'eesh Am Darweesh - Ardiya Branch - KuwaitAm Darweesh - Ardiya

    Farwaniya Governorate \ Ardiya - Ardiya Herafiya - Block 2

  • 2Mana'eesh Am Darweesh - Hawally Branch - KuwaitAm Darweesh - Hawally

    Hawalli Governorate \ Hawally - Intersection of Al Yarmouk Street and Ali AbdulRahman Al-Muneer Street, Qadsiya and Sultan Center crossroads

  • 3Mana'eesh Am Darweesh - Manqaf Branch - KuwaitAm Darweesh - Manqaf

    Ahmadi Governorate \ Mangaf - Block 3, Street 22 behind Fahed Hamlan Al-Hamlan Street

* Most viewed out of 3 branches in the last 30 days, from 23 August 2020 till today.

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