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Brief on Poule D'or Restaurant - Lebanon

Our core competency is in the production of chicken eggs and poultry. As your operation's poultry supplier of choice, we are committed to providing you the highest quality poultry at the greatest value. You are our top priority. In order to best serve your needs, we have gathered an experienced team of high integrity, high quality people who are the best in the breeding and hatching industries.

Driving it all are the people that make up the Poule D’or team. It is the synergetic impact of our combined strengths that have allowed us to lead the poultry industry through innovation. Going forward, it will be our ability to gather the right team with the right strengths that will allow us to continue our heritage of innovation into the future.

Our Mission Statement:

We seek to continuously improve the chicken genetics industry by providing the best poultry at the best overall value to our customers through the quality of our people, processes, and technological innovations.

Our Mission:

Increased Value To Our Customers:
- Through the Best People
- Through Lower Cost (process)
- Through the Highest Quality
- Through Technological Innovation
- Through Integrity in everything that we do personally and professionally

Our Vision:

A company of the highest integrity that utilizes innovation to provide true value added to our customers and the end consumer

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Branches of Poule D'or in Lebanon

  • 1Poule D'or Restaurant - Hadath Branch - LebanonPoule D'or - Hadath
    Mount Lebanon Governorate \ Baabda District \ Hadath - Old Saida Road, facing Hadath Municipality

  • 2Poule D'or Restaurant - Choueifat (El-Tiro) Branch - LebanonPoule D'or - Choueifat (El-Tiro)
    Mount Lebanon Governorate \ Aley District \ Choueifat - El-Tiro, Facing Amsal Factory

  • 3Poule D'or Restaurant - Jounieh Branch - LebanonPoule D'or - Jounieh
    Mount Lebanon Governorate \ Keserwan District \ Jounieh - Main Highway, after Sarba Military/Army Point

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