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Faysal Pastries and Restaurant was founded in 1984 in Bliss Street beside American University of Beirut (AUB), where he started to make pastry appetite and was welcomed by a wide range of people led to the increase varieties pastries and the introduction of new pastries private for Faysal and he confused his own after several attempts managed to make a private Faysal meets paste all the wishes of lovers of this restaurant.

At first Faysal Pastries And Restaurant was based only on pastry, later he was able to include many new entries to his menu. Where restaurant has become through the quick service and the quality of the dishes include delicious Lebanese food.

Through the delivery service enables Faysal to cover all Beirut. This has increased the confidence of its customers.

In 2006, Faysal expanded a lot so he included the finest meat in his new Epic Faysal which helped to give the meat fresh every day. This matter increased the identity of Faysal to include a new restaurant, cakes and pastries and epic. Now Faysal Pastries And Restaurant seeks to the high quality and speed and driving and more successes.

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