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The Falafel Karim Sahyoun success story has a humble beginning all the way back in 1933, when Mustapha Sahyoun Senior opened his very first shop on Bchara El Khoury Street in the heart of Beirut.

The popularity of the original location grew throughout the years, and after the Lebanese civil war that spanned the 70’s and 80’s, The Original Falafel Karim Sahyoun emerged as a destination in the heart of the city and today in the 21st century, the brand, the flavour, and the tradition are reaching limits never before imagined.

This iconic location symbolises the Lebanese entrepreneurial spirit and has passed down the recipes to the world's best falafel through the generations of the Sahyoun family. It is Mustapha Sahyoun Senior’s grandson, Karim Sahyoun, who is continuing the family tradition and sharing the family’s delicious Falafel recipe with the World. This franchised operation, Falafel Karim Sahyoun, is branching out from Beirut to across the Middle East and the Levant.

Mustapha Sahyoun had only one wish: create the World’s best Falafel sandwich, rich with flavour, and crisp with freshness. The World has changed in many ways, but the sandwich you buy today at Falafel Karim Sahyoun is still made the exact same way Mustapha Sr. himself made it. From the freshly baked bread, delivered daily to the kitchen, to the perfect blend of tahini and lemon juice in the Tarator, topped with the most delicious and flavourful pieces of falafel.

The tradition of making a falafel sandwich the way our founder intended lives on through the generations.

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  • Falafel Karim Sahyoun opened a new branch in Bakaata Main Road.Falafel Karim Sahyoun opened a new branch in Bakaata Main Road.

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