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Brief on Lolita Patisserie - Lebanon

Welcome to PATISSERIE LOLITA where perfect taste and distinctive quality start here....

We will always be to your side in every event, starting from your birthday to your graduation, engagement and wedding, your newborn baby and many more events...

We use the best and qualified ingredients in our creations, and we believe that teamwork is a primary factor where our professional staffs work as a family to offer a great tasting and satisfaction for you.

Wissam Shartouni is the owner and manager of patisserie lolita.

The secret of success

Chef Wissam Shartouni’s exceptional career began with an apprenticeship in Beirut at the famous Summerland Hotel. Following his student and training period Chef Shartouni went on to establish a leading figure in the Art of Pastry working with some world-renowned families and establishments.

Some of these include Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ben Khalifa, Sheraton Hotel in Qatar and the Mareez Hotel in Saudi Arabia.

These experiences led Chef Shartouni to find Patisserie Lolita, where his team is devoted to imparting excellence, and also to teach and consult in numerous Institutes of Bakery and Decorative Cake Arts.

As for the latest confectionery in lebanon, Wissam Shartouni says: "Diversity is important to keep pace with consumers tastes where creation and renewal must always accompany the confectionery."

And according to the employment and development, he says: “since our beginning in the patisserie we have produced various kinds of desserts, pastries,ice cream,cakes and chocolate by using the finest and best raw materials of flour, sugar, chocolate and butter. And in order to maintain the high quality of all candies, we affirm that our motto always proudly (made in lebanon).

In this sense, our factory includes the latest machines that can put on market and thus maintain the time and techniques, in an innovative and modern way.

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