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Brief on Urbanista Restaurant - Lebanon

Priding itself on being part of the cosmopolitan city of Beirut, Urbanista mirrors Beirut’s vibrant character.

Located in Gemmayze, Ashrafieh, Urbanista emanates distinctive positive vibes, inspired by both Manhattan and London, and sealed by Beirut. Western delicacies have been combined with Mediterranean hospitality to create the ideal setting for your every mood.

Urbanista serves delicious dishes, fresh-brewed coffee, sandwiches and desserts for you to enjoy while you sink into comfortable leather couches or sit around the famous, thought-provoking and idea-sharing communal table. Among the delicious treats you will find on our menu, our highly recommended specials are the Salad Bar – composed of only the freshest ingredients; the Seared Tuna, the famous Fish & Chips and the Organic Smoked Salmon.

The Seared Tuna is scrumptious: garnished with sliced carrots, scallion, apple sticks, sesame and coriander with wasabi sauce, spread over whole-wheat brown bread. As for the Smoked Salmon, it is complemented by spinach, chive, dill, onion, lemon and topped off by a delicious avocado sauce on a loaf of whole-wheat bio bread.

Urbanista also exhibits original and iconic urbanwear, Moleskine accessories and other stylish creations designed by local and international established and emerging designers in tune with Beirut’s cultural vibe.

Make sure to join our Urbanista Community so you can enjoy and share your experience with our food, coffee, atmosphere and endless discussions.

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Branches of Urbanista in Lebanon

  • 1Urbanista Restaurant - Gemmayze Branch - LebanonUrbanista - Gemmayze

    Beirut Governorate \ Saifi - Gemmayze - Gouraud Street, Yanni building

  • 2Urbanista Restaurant - Kraytem Branch - LebanonUrbanista - Kraytem

    Beirut Governorate \ Ras Beirut - Kraytem - Madame (Mme) Curie Street, near Lebanese American University (LAU)

  • 3Urbanista Restaurant - Dbayeh (ABC Mall) Branch - LebanonUrbanista - Dbayeh (ABC)

    Mount Lebanon Governorate \ Matn District \ Dbayeh - inside ABC Dbayeh Mall - Level 3 Floor

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