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Harkous Chicken Restaurant - Lebanon

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Brief on Harkous Chicken Restaurant - Lebanon

The famous Lebanese Harkous Chicken Group known in Lebanon since 1974.

The founder of the first Harkous Chicken shop, the father of the operators of the company, worked hard to build his business and raise his family with two clear objectives, on the business side by serving fresh tasty product at a great value, and on the family side by guiding and teaching his kids honesty, hard work and ethics, the father succeeded on both levels.

Today, Harkous Chicken Group has a big chicken market share in Lebanon and the Harkous family is well known within their community and throughout out Lebanon for great values and high standards of ethical business practices.

The first Generation grew the business and expanded their menu offering, opened new shops and a state of the art plant to supply their shops and they continue to manage the business on day to day basis.

Moreover, the Harkous group has earned numerous health quality and safety, and management certifications such as HACCP included in ISO22000 and ISO9001. Certificates are from Sai Global, one of the world’s leading auditing firms.

The key to making such a successful venture domestically would be to ensure that the vendor outlets are very hygienic, comply with health standards, serviced by an efficient re-supply network producing consistent meals, with professionalism and quality paramount.

Owners also joined forces with an experienced business managerial team to develop and implement the company.

Crusty Sandwiches & Buns Joint is a separate company founded in 2015 by the second generation of Harkous Chicken Group joining the work force, ideas of creating a smaller and quicker version of the same original taste and experience came to life and Crusty was born, not only to cover and serve the whole Lebanese market, but also to take that success and replicate it throughout the world by means of franchising.

Today Harkous Chicken is much more than just about chicken. Our philosophy is about creating tastes that will tantalize your experience.

Here are just a few of our delicious meals we have created, that will keep you coming back for more:
--> Secret herbs and spices
--> Broasted chicken
--> Fried chicken
--> Crispy
--> Sandwiches
--> Burgers
--> and much more than you expect

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