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Brief on Sunglass Hut - Lebanon

Sunglass Hut is the largest sunglass specialty retailer in the world, with approximately 2,440 retail locations.

With a global reputation for premium quality, Sunglass Hut offers the latest designer brands with outstanding customer service.

Sunglass Hut stores are located throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Middle East, South Africa, and Central and Latin America.

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Branches of Sunglass Hut in Lebanon

  • 1Sunglass Hut - Choueifat (The Spot Mall) Branch - LebanonSunglass Hut - Choueifat (The Spot)
    Mount Lebanon Governorate \ Aley District \ Choueifat - inside The Spot Mall Choueifat - Old Saida Road

  • 2Sunglass Hut - Verdun (732) Branch - LebanonSunglass Hut - Verdun (732)
    Beirut Governorate \ Msaytbeh - Verdun - inside Verdun 732 Center - Rashid Karami Street (Verdun Street)

  • 3Sunglass Hut - Downtown Beirut (Beirut Souks) Branch - LebanonSunglass Hut - Downtown Beirut (Beirut Souks)

    Beirut Governorate \ Port - Downtown Beirut - inside Beirut Souks - Beirut Central District, delimited by Mir Majid Arslan Avenue to the North, Weygand street to the south, Patriarch Howayek to the west and Allenby street to the east

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