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Brief on KB Doner Restaurant - Lebanon

"Doner kebab" is a totally classic healthy approach to traditional kebab. It is a dynamic fast food retailer.

"Doner kebab" was found in 1971 by Mahmut Aygun- born in Turkey he moved to Germany at the age of 16 to open a snack stall.

Consisting of roast lamb (halal) and spices, Doner kebab has been traditionally served with rice but in a moment of inspiration Mr. Aygun saw that the future lay in putting the meat inside a fladen brot.

So if customers were on the go they had the doner packed.

Doner is loved for its unique taste and way.

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Branches of KB Doner in Lebanon

  • 1KB Doner Restaurant - Chiyah Branch - LebanonKB Doner - Chiyah

    Mount Lebanon Governorate \ Baabda District \ Chiyah - Hadi Nasrallah Highway, near Jaber 547 Mobile Shop and Moussawi Original Cell Phone Shop

  • 2KB Doner Restaurant - Hamra Branch - LebanonKB Doner - Hamra

    Beirut Governorate \ Ras Beirut - Hamra - Bliss Street, facing American University of Beirut (AUB)

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