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How to get Gas Cylinder during Lock Down in Kuwait

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If you are looking for a gas cylinder in Kuwait during the total lock down, note that most of the "Baqqalas" or grocery stores sell gas cylinders.

Try to call the nearest "Baqqala" or grocery store to your house and if one doesn't respond, try calling another. (During lock down, Baqqalas deliver only from 8am till 4pm).

Gas Cylinders are also available at CO-OP's in every area but every area is different. Some CO-OP's gas branches have a delivery service and some don't.

In many CO-OP's, when you take a shopping appointment, you can pass by the gas branch and get a gas cylinder.

Just check your area's CO-OP Instagram account to see what they have to say about that.

For all the people asking, these are the tips we have for you for the mean time regarding getting Gas Cylinder during Lock Down in Kuwait.

How to get Gas Cylinder during Lock Down in Kuwait


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