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Actions taken to Control COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic in Kuwait

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As of today, the 15th of March 2020, there are 112 Diagnosed Cases of Corona in Kuwait and 298 Quarantined. Due to that, Kuwait already took many early actions and precautions to control COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

Since the 1st of March, all schools, institutes, universities and other educational sectors closed until further notice and many schools cancelled their upcoming exams.

After that, many governmental and private sectors closed in addition to gyms, salons, malls, cinemas, theaters and restaurants that are only delivering food until further notice as well.

Most people in Kuwait now are staying at home and only going out for very necessary purposes. Great precautions like that should be appreciated and respected by everyone because it's for our safety and these actions taken in Kuwait will help stop the spread of Corona if we all act in a responsible way towards this serious crisis.

Actions taken to Control COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic in Kuwait


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