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What can you order from Talabat in Kuwait?

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Today, we opened Talabat application and decided to take a look at the new things we can order through Talabat after knowing that they are now listing groceries, supermarket and more.

And although Talabat has been exclusively restaurants for many years, we discovered the new section listing groceries and below are some of the businesses you can order from through Talabat's Application.

If you want home groceries, you can find Trolley, Carrefour and TSC Wholesale on Talabat!

There are also many Baqala Businesses listed on Talabat like Basket Location, Shrouq Al Farwaniya Baqala, Rabih Al Atlal, Pick and Go Baqala and some others.

What is interesting is that we found AlShamekh Butchery on Talabat so you can now order your meat easily. Other butcheries on Talabat also include Butcher N Gourmet and Rare Cuts.

If you have a pet at home, Pet Zone is on Talabat as well. If you want Electronics, Future Communications is also on Talabat.

For beverages, you will find KDD, Al Rawdatain, Refreshment Trading Company and more. For Honey, you will find Al Owaid Honey and Bee Honey Spoon.

And believe that this is not all. Go and check their app and specifically the groceries section and discover all the interesting things that you can now order easily through Talabat.

What can you order from Talabat in Kuwait?


What can you order from Talabat in Kuwait?


What can you order from Talabat in Kuwait?


What can you order from Talabat in Kuwait?


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