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Unforgettable Adventure In the Wax Museum

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The Museum is located in the old city of Byblos, 37 km north of Beirut, near the citadel.

The Museum was fouded in September 1967, and inaugurated on August 28, 1970 by the minister of tourism Mr. Khatchik Babikian.

A combination of artistic and historical works, the museum is of interest to tourists and locals.
The Museum is an adventure through the Lebanese history. It takes you back to the Phoenician age and reflects its civilisation (ships, pottery, glass ...) and legends, then to modern Lebanon where we find its princess and their way of living as well as the important events to Independence. The Museum reflects also the lebanese rural life

This museum displays wax statues and life scenes from the Phoenician era to the modern times.

It's located in the coast of north Mount Lebanon, which is an attempt to express the history of Lebanon and the Middle East, through scenes and time from the prehistoric era, through the Phoenician, Crusader and Byzantine eras to the modern history of Lebanon.

As the visitor enters the basements of the museum down, the journey begins, and only a few moments until you see Gibran Khalil Gibran, the famous Lebanese writer, poet and painter, sitting quietly and poised in front of his office writing one of his poems, surrounded by many of his works and paintings. Besides Gibran speaking images of history and ancient legends.

The museum also has wax sculptures by prominent artists, including Wadih al-Safi and Sabah, as well as the Lebanese scientist Hassan Kamel al-Sabbah, while the late great writer Michael Naima was included in the list a few months ago. In the final toll, the viewer, a visitor or a tourist, will be in front of 25 scenes expressed in 129 statues made of wax all tell aspects of the history of civilization and the history of Lebanon.

For more Information, you can contact: 09 540 463
Web Site: www.bybloswaxmuseum.com
Working Hours: Monday to Sunday 9 am to 6 pm

Unforgettable Adventure In the Wax Museum


Unforgettable Adventure In the Wax Museum


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