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Fashionista Ascia Posts New Look Without Turban

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Ascia, Popular Fashionista in Kuwait, posted a new post without the Turban that she wore for about 10 years of her life. This step shocked many people that considered it unexpected.

The post received more than 100 thousand likes, more than 20 thousand comments and the YouTube video that Ascia posted regarding reasons why she removed the Turban reached more than half a million views within two days only.

The Turban look was part of Ascia's identity and she was known for that since her day one on social media but now, we will see a new Ascia with a new beginning as she chose to describe it.

Ascia, a 29 years old blogger and mother of two boys, has 2.7 million followers on Instagram at the moment and more than 230 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

These numbers are even expected to increase even if many were against her decision, this is simply because people are curious and will like to see the new Ascia.

Fashionista Ascia Posts New Look Without Turban


Fashionista Ascia Posts New Look Without Turban


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