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UAE Tops Research List for English and Spanish Speaking Tourists

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The UAE has topped the list of the most sought-after tourist destinations among the English-speaking and Spanish-speaking tourists, especially the month of January each year, in search of a 'mild climate haven' and 'a place away from the winter's cold weather'.

Research conducted by the digital marketing platform "SEMrush" confirmed that the ideal winter temperatures and outdoor season in the UAE are the most important considerations that researchers are looking for vacation destinations online.

The research pointed out that in January 2018 one million searches on the internet were recorded related to tourism in the UAE in English and similar results were also recorded for January 2017.

Spanish, the second largest language group in the world, was among the top online searches for tourism in the UAE.

The list of the 10 most countries looking for the UAE as a tourist destination include Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, the United States, Venezuela, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Bolivia.

UAE Tops Research List for English and Spanish Speaking Tourists


Source: WAM

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