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"Khamse W Nos" Lebanese Syrian Series for Ramadan 2019

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"Khamse W Nos" Five:Thirty is a Lebanese Syrian series for Ramadan 2019 featuring the Lebanese Actress Nadine Nassib Njeim with Syrian Star Actors Kosai Khawli and Mo'otasem Al Nahar.

According to Nadine Nassib Njeim, "Khamse W Nos" series brings together Drama and Romance along with a new kind of love story that faces a lady doctor specialized in Cancerous tumors.

So Nadine Nassib Njeim will be a doctor, Kosai Khawli will be a rich guy and Mo'otasem Al Nahar will be a bodyguard.

This series is written by Eman Al Saeed, directed by Philippe Asmar and produced by Cedars Art Production - Sabbah Brothers Films & TV Series Production House.

Moreover, Egyptian Singer Sherine Abdel Wahab will sing the song of "Khamse W Nos" Five:Thirty Series that will be showing for the first time during Ramadan 2019.

"Khamse W Nos" Lebanese Syrian Series for Ramadan 2019


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