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Café Society provides day time fun for young guests

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Kids indulged in a memorable culinary journey at Café Society Restaurant located at Tamani Marina Hotel & Hotel Apartment, where an exclusive cooking class was held last Friday, April 20th, for budding young chefs with an aim of showcasing the world of culinary arts and fueling their imagination for a fun-filled experience.

The culinary team, headed by Brazilian Chef Fernando Lima conducted the Junior Chef cooking class giving young guests the opportunity to explore recipes through play and imagination. In addition, the kids learnt the basics of kitchen safety, cooking techniques which can be easily duplicated in their own kitchen and how using fresh ingredients and flavors can provide an authentic taste to the dish.

The cooking class was priced at AED 100 per child and the kids created four different kinds of pizza including chocolate pizza. At the end of the class, each participant relished their own creation with their families and took some cherished memories back home.

Walid Al-Awa General Manager, Tamani Marina Hotel, said, “Cooking is a brilliant skill to give to your kids. When they learn basic techniques of cooking at a young age it promotes a lifetime skill of cooking and appreciating the food on the table. It involves all of their senses and the whole process increases their self-confidence and they feel a sense of accomplishment. We are delighted to host these classes for our young guests to teach and promote preparing home-cooked meals and we look forward to many more events in the future.”

The cooking class will continue every Friday till 11th May, at 10:00 AM.

Café Society provides day time fun for young guests


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