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‎For the first time in Kuwait, Warba Bank Offers an exclusive fully-digital Account Opening Service‎: “Customer Onboarding”

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In light of its ambitious five-year strategy to become a Corporate & Investment Banking champion with digitally enabled Retail business, evolving consumer needs, Warba Bank has launched its latest innovative solution for “Customer Onboarding”. The new solution will enable customers who wish to have an Al-Sunbulah Account to apply for opening such an account directly through the Banks' website without the need to visit any of its branches.

‎Through this service, new customers will be able to apply for opening their new Al-Sunbulah Accounts at any time and from anywhere in less than 5 minutes.‎ ‎Within two hours of the application submission, the Bank, through the new unique automated system used to implement this service, will have received and processed the application for approval.‎ ‎The Bank's staff will then contact the customer to determine the appropriate time to receive the Al-Sunbulah Account card and sign the required documents.‎

‎In addition to its speed and ease, this new service provides the highest level of protection for the customers' information shared over the Internet. The latest information security standards are used to match the picture of the person sitting in front of the screen with their photo on their personal ID. Moreover, the applicant will be required to give consent and acknowledgement through an electronic signature so as to verify and validate the information they submit.‎

Mr. Shaheen Al Ghanem talking to the press

Mr. Shaheen Al Ghanem talking to the press‎‎Commenting on that new service, Mr. Shaheen Hamad Al Ghanem, CEO at Warba Bank, said:‎‎‎ ‎"We in Warba Bank aim to innovate and adopt the latest banking services and solutions that add value to the banking customers' transactions and reflect our respect for their wishes and aspirations for these services.‎ Given the current global trend, which has become dependent on the various smart devices and the Internet to conduct multiple daily transactions, we have to adopt these techniques and use them in banking transactions, including applications for opening new accounts submitted online by new customers and fully processed online without requiring those new customers to visit any of our branches.‎ I am pleased to stress that our Bank is racing to use this technology, reflecting our commitment to achieving our vision to promote the Islamic banking sector."‎

Al Ghanem stressed that Warba Bank has doubled its investment to enhance its digital infrastructure at international levels, ensuring that its digital services are designed to meet its customers' expectations and aspirations, saving both time and effort.‎ ‎Now the Bank's customers can conduct and complete their transactions through the Bank's online banking portal, which has undergone great development and has transformed into a flexible electronic channel that caters to the customers' needs with ease.‎ ‎In addition, the Bank's application for smartphones (Warba Online App) has proven to be a great success, and it is heavily used by the Bank's customers. It provides them with a series of unique services to allow them bank with Warba without visiting one of the Bank's branches and meet their expectations in terms of speed with convenience.‎ ‎‎"We can say that Warba Bank thankfully is aggressively moving towards making a positive difference in the digital arena and enhancing Islamic banking by providing advanced and high-quality innovative digital services.‎

During the press conference

During the press conference
“‎The growing global trend towards digital banking increases our responsibility for keeping our customers in touch with these new technologies by developing services based on advanced technology platforms so as to bring value to their banking experience with convenience and ease.‎", Al-Ghanem added.

‎In future, the fully automated account opening process will apply to new customers' application for all other types of accounts, providing greater flexibility and ease of operation, saving time and effort for customers and reducing the hassle of collecting the required paperwork to open a bank account at both ends: the customer and the bank staff. This would provide more efficiency and accelerate this type of transactions.‎

‎The Bank's approach in developing its digital services infrastructure is exemplary, given the high-end technology and sophistication it uses to provide customers with a distinctive banking experience.‎ ‎A good example of this is the Bank's latest service launched in late 2017, namely the "Express Bank “machine, an interactive branch that enables customers to easily manage their banking needs.‎ It also exclusively provides a range of unprecedented services in Kuwait, which can be completed by the customer in cognizance of their privacy and ease. ‎In addition, the Bank has launched a series of digital services under its theme of "Express", including:‎ ‎Express Share, Express Salary, Express Bill, Express Beneficiary, Express Transfers, Express Login, Express Chat, Express Eediya, ‎skip a payment service, Warba Voice and many more.‎ Moreover, the Banks offers Watch Banking applications on both the Android and iOS platforms which allow the customers to view their bank accounts.

‎"The Kuwaiti population, especially the younger generation, are keen to adopt the latest technologies. They have a high-level of appetite in this regard. Furthermore, they are constantly updated on the latest international trends, so they will be proactive in adopting these digital banking services once they are released.‎ ‎Kuwait is often amongst one the of the early adopters for modern technologies in a wide range of fields and Warba Bank intends to leverage this trend through its range of digital banking services with an always-first attitude."‎, Al Ghanem concluded‎.

Group photo for Warba Bank team

Group photo for Warba Bank team

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