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TSC Welcomes the Kids of Jack and Jill Bhavan's Nursery School in Mangaf Wholesale Branch

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TSC welcomed the back to school season by hosting the kids of Jack and Jill Bhavan's nursery school at the TSC Mangaf wholesale store. The nursery kids interacted with TSC’s staff and customers creating a joyful atmosphere at the store.

The Jack and Jill kids got to learn more about the names of different fruits and vegetables and their benefits to the human body. Mrs. Lisa Al Gharib, the marketing manager at TSC said, "TSC is pleased to be part of the youngsters learning and development program; the kids had a delightful time roaming around the fresh produce area to learn about different types of fruits and vegetables."

TSC staff thanked the students for their friendly visit and distributed healthy giveaway bags filled with different healthy snacks for the kids and teachers to choose from.

This activity organized by TSC fall’s under its CSR program in which they are reinforcing and spreading awareness about the importance of adapting a healthy lifestyle to visitors in their early age while welcoming the youngsters who are starting their new academic year.

TSC Welcomes the Kids of Jack and Jill Bhavan's Nursery School in Mangaf Wholesale Branch

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