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ARTSPACE presents “Measure and Excess” by Hiba Khamlichi

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ARTSPACE, one of UAE’s leading platforms for contemporary Middle Eastern art, presents “Measure and Excess” by Hiba Khamlichi, from 19th September to 5th October, 2017.

The show sponsored by FIM Partners, an alternative asset manager focused on frontier and emerging markets will feature the most acclaimed works of the 17-year old Moroccan artist.

Hiba Khamlichi

Hiba KhamlichiKhamlichi, described by experts as a “visionary artist, a mediumistic artist, who transmits something of the order of the transcendence”, started painting at the age of eight. Growing up, she discovered a passion and interest for movement and she started noticing certain motion in the Afro-Brazilian sport of Capoira she was practicing.

Khamlichi’s works are sharp and loud, yet mystical and spiritual; futuristic as well as historical attributes are visible, all expressing a dreamlike journey for the viewer.

The event is part of ARTSPACE’s Young Artist Program, collaboration with schools, universities and individual students through talks, lectures or exhibitions; aimed at mentoring young creative minds to push and guide them into a creative direction, should they pursue this path.

For more information about the show, please contact ARTSPACE at 043230820 or send email to sossy@artspace-dubai.com.

ARTSPACE presents “Measure and Excess” by Hiba Khamlichi

ARTSPACE presents “Measure and Excess” by Hiba Khamlichi

ARTSPACE presents “Measure and Excess” by Hiba Khamlichi

ARTSPACE presents “Measure and Excess” by Hiba Khamlichi

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