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7 Factors that make Summer in Lebanon Magical

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Summer in Lebanon is something you will always wish to experience due to many factors that make it just so magical.

Take a look at 7 of these factors ... Yes, this is Summer in Lebanon!

1. Beaches:

When we mention summer, going to the beach is the first thing that will come to your mind, right?

In Lebanon, our lovely beaches are always ready to embrace all the fun and gatherings with their golden sand and serene blue water.

And luckily, all main cities in Lebanon are along the coast so you can get easy access to the beach wherever you are.

7 Factors that make Summer in Lebanon Magical


2. Rivers and Waterfalls:

We all know that Lebanon has a beautiful nature and rivers and waterfalls are part of this nature.

Some people prefer to spend their day here, so peaceful and adorable.

7 Factors that make Summer in Lebanon Magical


3. Resorts and Pools:

Resorts and pools in Lebanon are always on fire during Summer.

They are simply the best place to beat the heat and humidity with friends and family.

And luckily, we have great resorts along the coast that you can enjoy throughout the season.

7 Factors that make Summer in Lebanon Magical


4. Festivals and Concerts:

Other than the daytime activities, Lebanon also has a great nightlife you just can't miss.

There are pubs and clubs but other than that, there are many festivals and musical concerts as well taking place in all Lebanese areas during summer.

You can dance, meet your favorite celebrities, attend comedy shows and many more.

7 Factors that make Summer in Lebanon Magical


5. Weddings:

Summer in Lebanon is always known as the wedding season whereby many people get married at this period of the year.

Hair Salons, wedding planners, wedding venues, designers e.t.c are so active by this time to make all celebrations glamorous and unforgettable.

Just Married cars are just everywhere and you can feel love and joy floating in the air.

7 Factors that make Summer in Lebanon Magical


6. Fruits:

Other than our delicious Lebanese cuisine that we can enjoy all year long, we also have great fruits that we wait for every season.

During summer, we crave figs, cherries, watermelon and other fruits that are only available by this time.

But we can say that the king fruit is watermelon, it is served everywhere simply because it's cold and refreshing and good for sharing!

7 Factors that make Summer in Lebanon Magical


7. Expatriates and Tourists:

During Summer, many expatriates come back home to spend their vacation and many tourists choose Lebanon as their destination.

This puts more life into the country and enriches the economy and the positive vibes all around.

With all these blessings, we pray for everlasting peace and stability to always have a vibrant summer in our beloved Lebanon.

7 Factors that make Summer in Lebanon Magical


Photos Source: Whatsup Lebanon

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