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Al Hayba ... Best Series in Ramadan 2017

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Al Hayba series is a Lebanese Syrian series whereby the story takes place in a village called "Al Hayba" on the borders between Lebanon and Syria.

The story of Al Hayba starts when the husband of Alya (Nadine Nassib Njeim) dies in Canada and then she comes back to Lebanon with her son for the funeral.


After that, the family of her husband refuses to let her go back to canada with her son (Joe - Jabal) so after many trials, Alya discovers she has no choice but to stay in "Al Hayba" with her son and get married to the brother of her husband according to traditions.

The brother of Alya's husband is Jabal Sheikh Al Jabal (Taim Hassan) and he is the big boss in "Al Hayba" with a complicated lifestyle whereby his work is illegal.

Alya (Nadine Nassib Njeim) and Jabal Sheikh Al Jabal (Taim Hassan) were together in Ramadan 2015 (Cello) and in Ramadan 2016 (Nos Yom).

But this year, Al Hayba made a very big difference and is now the best series for Ramadan 2017 so far according to many factors and statistics.

The series is just one of a kind, an amazing story, attractive characters and professionalism in every detail.

When we say Taim Hassan and Nadine Nassib Njeim, we expect success for sure but the success of Al Hayba series is totally more than the expectations and this will make it hard for these two stars in the coming years since people will be expecting more from them.

Rumors are saying that the producers are thinking of a part 2 but we think they should think twice, any failure or boredom or repetition in the second part will ruin the success of the first part.

Al Hayba ... Best Series in Ramadan 2017



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