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La Akhir Nafas ... Lebanese Drama Series in Ramadan 2017

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La Akhir Nafas is a Lebanese drama series that will be on TV for the first time in Ramadan 2017 and it will be exclusive on MTV Lebanon channel.

The story is written by Carine Rizkallah and directed by Assad Fouladkar and the three main characters in La Akhir Nafas are Carine Rizkallah, Badih Abou Chakra and Rodney Haddad.

La Akhir Nafas is about a love story that will bloom between Hazar (Carine Rizkallah) and Ghassan (Badih Abou Chakra) but this love story will face a lot of obstacles because they are both already married.

Hazar (Carine Rizkallah) don't want to ruin her marriage and ruin her good reputation so how will she face this love that will appear suddenly?

The Lebanese singer Ramy Ayyach also participated in La Akhir Nafas series by composing and singing the series song.

We are expecting a lot from La Akhir Nafas series so let's watch and see.

Photo 43196 on date 15 May 2017 - La Akhir Nafas ... Lebanese Drama Series in Ramadan 2017

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