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"Ward Jouri" ... Lebanese Drama Series in Ramadan 2017

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"Ward Jouri" is a Lebanese drama series that will be on TV for the first time during Ramadan 2017 and this series is written by Claudia Marchalian, directed by Samir Habshi and produced by Jamal Sanan.

The main characters in "Ward Jouri" are Nadine Al Rassi, Rola Hamade, Ammar Shalak, Carla Boutros, Gabriel Yammine, Rodrigue Sleiman, Antoinette Akiki, Wadad Jabbour, Assaad Rashdan, Jean Daccache, George Diab, Toni Aad, Najlaa Al Hashem, Edward Al Hashem and others.

The story of this series is about a young girl that got raped by a young guy.

We'll see how this made a big and tough conflict between both families and how they reacted towards the issue but note that Nadine Al Rassi is not the raped girl but the sister of the victim and she tries to take action to support her sister.

During Ramadan 2017, "Ward Jouri" series will be shown on LBC and LDC.

"Ward Jouri" ... Lebanese Drama Series in Ramadan 2017


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