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Warba Bank organizes annual staff gathering

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Warba Bank hosted its annual staff gathering at the Salwa Sabah Al-Ahmad Hall on Wednesday, February 15, 2017. CEO Mr. Shaheen Hamad Al-Ghanim, management and staff attended the event which was held under the title ‘together we can.’

Shaheen praised the team for their performance and constant efforts that he said played a key role in helping the bank achieve record profits, he said: "We managed, by God Well, to achieve great results in 2016, which is the fruit of the bank’s productive medium-term strategy, as well as the efforts of its employees who exerted all efforts and dedicated all of their skills to help achieve a steady growth for all of the bank’s indicators. As a result, Warba Bank moves forward today towards improving the infrastructure of the Islamic banking industry in Kuwait."

He added addressing staff members: "Today we need you to double your efforts as we move forward with our new strategy in partnership with international consultancy leader McKinsey & Company. I am confidence that we will be able to work together and as one team and unify our efforts as management and staff to implement this strategy, and therefore support Warba’s steady march as it continues to move forward thanks to your constant dedication and efforts, and seeks to leave its mark in the market through innovative and unique services that enable it to play a vital role in supporting the Kuwaiti economy and providing the best investment and financing tools that earn clients’ trust."

Al-Ghanim further reiterated that Warba Bank is distinguished by offering leading solutions and seeks to obtain a market share of 10% by 2021, in addition to assuming the third position in the Islamic banking sector and sixth in the banking sector as a whole.

Furthermore, he stressed that the bank is likely to achieve record growth and is capable to lure clients from competitors.

In addition, he highlighted that the bank’s achievements in 2016, noting that it earned several prestigious awards from trustworthy international bodies.

During the event, veteran bank staff members were honored for their loyalty and continued efforts which became the backbone for the bank’s success in reaching a higher status in the Kuwaiti market today.

The employees also competed in several competitions organized during the ceremony, and won awards dedicated in appreciation to their efforts.

Al-Ghanim concluded by saying: "We consider our employees as partners in success. We grow with them, and are confident that through their support, Warba Bank can continue moving steadily towards further achievements that allows it to become the first choice and destination for clients. We promise to continue to invest in them and organize training courses that help them attain high competitiveness capabilities."

Warba Bank organizes annual staff gathering


Warba Bank organizes annual staff gathering


Warba Bank organizes annual staff gathering


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