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Our Experience with Taw9eel Application

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Sometimes, we get so busy to the extent that we don’t have time to pass by the supermarket to buy some groceries but this is no longer a big deal with the presence of websites and apps that help you do that.

Lately, we tried Taw9eel application and it was really easy, simple and good.

All what you have to do is download the app, choose what you want to buy, enter your information including your address in details, choose your way of payment and then approve it.

As for time, you get your order after 4 hours from the time you ordered.

The advantages of Taw9eel application is that it’s trusted and you can pay through the app and the disadvantage is that you may not find all the items you want but most of the basic groceries are available.

As for our order, we received it exactly after 4 hours and everything was organized without having anything missing.

This is how we received our groceries and we liked how they were arranged, how fresh the vegetables were and how they separated the frozen items and kept them out of the carton.

Our Experience with Taw9eel Application

Our Experience with Taw9eel Application

Our Experience with Taw9eel Application

Our Experience with Taw9eel Application

We advise you to try Taw9eel application if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to go to the supermarket.

Other than groceries, they also have electronics, toys, books, makeup, flowers and many more items.

The name of the app is Taw9eel and their number is 1821010

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