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Aquapark New Entrance ticket price

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After years of having same fixed ticket price, Aquapark water park raised the price of the entrance ticket from KD 3.750 to KD 4.250 this season.

Kids below three years old can enter for free.

For more information about Aqua Park, click here.

Aquapark New Entrance ticket price

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Opinions & Comments

  • 11 - What is Aqua park
    What is Aqua park

  • 10 - is aqua park allowed
    is aqua park allowed for kids who are under 18 on this Friday plz let me know

  • 9 - RE to Mathew
    Aqua Park is closed throughout the winter season.

  • 8 - Entrance fee
    What is the entry fee for aqua park in tuesday

  • 7 - where to get ticket
    i have 3 friends and were planning to go to aquapark on friday and were all girls..i dont know wheree to get the ticket.

  • 6 - Aqua Park during Eid
    Aqua Park is open for families throughout the Eid holiday and there is no any day for women only during this period

  • 5 - Info
    Do we need to bring any special costumes to play in the water pool.

  • 4 - leonard1424@gmail.com
    Leonard Kumar
    Dear Sir/Madam, Is the Aqua Park open for families on Tuesday 13th September. Please let us know at the earliest.

  • 3 - make trip for families
    tuesday is eid is that open for familes or onli women pls kindly advice n how much price ?

  • 2 - Reply to Firas
    Dear Firas,

    As mentioned above, Aqua Park is only for families on Fridays so if you are a group of guys only, you can't go in so you have to find any other day except Tuesday that is also for women only ... Thank you for contacting Rinnoo.net

  • 1 - Friday Trip For group
    We are group together planing to make trip on Fridays but they informed us it is for families only.
    We are free only on Friday
    Kindly advice.

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