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Veeview's way of wearing same dress with different styles

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The popular Instagram celebrity Veeview asked her followers if they usually wear the same dress more than once since many feel ashamed to repeat the same look.

This subject she brought up is such an interesting one because it's simply the reason why girls always stay hours in front of their wardrobe not knowing what to put on.

We think that if people see us in the same dress twice, that is the end of the world.

Ok let's be honest. Wearing the same dress all the time without making any changes can somehow be weird since it's nice to always appear in different styles.

Veeview showed her followers how she wore the same dress but in different styles and it's just a great idea.

It's a matter of accessories and details, just be creative.

As you can see in the photo below, she made the dress casual and also wore it with heels later on and appeared in different makeup and hairstyles and that made it seem just like a different dress everytime.

If every girl manages to play with the details of her look, she can wear the same outfit many times without letting anyone recognize that!

Veeview's way of dressing same dress with different styles

Veeview's way of dressing same dress with different styles

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