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Place and Time of Souk El Akel in Beirut

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Souk El Akel is a Lebanese street food market and this event is a weekly event that takes place in Beirut city.

You can enjoy the best food and aromas at Souk El Akel every Thursday from 5 pm till 11 pm at night.

This food market event is taking place in Downtown Beirut and it's specifically behind the municipality, near Adidas and Grand Cafe.

Place and Time of Souk El Akel in Beirut

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  • 1 - Souk el Akel
    Souk el Akel

    We can call it adventure, bad adventure, worst adventure horrible adventure, can’t really find the right name to name it, could be simply a nightmare and it will pass away after a short time and we will forget it.

    Adventure start arriving to “souk el Akel” to Broumana, Saturday 30 august 2016, we hit a queue, a traffic for more than an hour and we can’t succeed to arrive, we found a place somewhere on the road and we hit it, walked for 15 minutes to arrive to the gate. No parking was dedicated for such an event; it is like the organizers thought that people will come with common transportation or they have thought that they will come flying.
    Somehow organizers didn’t care about that, but foulest municipality agree with them and didn’t make any effort to simplify the arrival of the people. Much crowd was there ambiance was great, people were joyful, all restaurant around was fully booked instead of being in what called “Souk el Akel” was a little bit surprised why not in. Didn’t understand why, till we walk in.
    Entrance was wide open for all, ZERO security, no one ask us a simple question or checked our bags, it is like we live in the most secured country. Somehow you start feeling uncomfortable. Getting in, display is nice something unusual in Lebanon since we don’t have street market like European country, it is something new where people can have good time and discover new things. A huge podium in the middle with singer, music was great and a lot of teen age people were watching standing. After making the full tour, we decide to taste since we came for “Souk el Akel” to eat. Waiting in a queue for 10 minutes to get something was not the issue due to the mass of people there, but when you see the price of the items proposed you think twice before ordering, a simple hamburger for 13000 Lebanese pound, a single smashed potato with cheese and poor garniture for 12000 Lebanese pound, a standard red wine bottle for 40000 Lebanese pound etc. … I th

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