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Al Makida ... a new police thriller movie by ICFLIX

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Al Makida ... a new police thriller movie by ICFLIX


Al Makida ... a new police thriller movie by ICFLIX

ICFLIX recently released their second original productions Al Makida exclusively on the online streaming service.

This movie is a Police thriller that revolves around a suburban family that is violently murdered one by one and then all the involved become guilty until proven innocent.

The whole production took place in Egypt by a handpicked team of fresh, young talent from the region in cooperation with director Ahmed Hassan that headed a team of talented young stars, including lead actor Karim Abdel Khalek, Nour Mahmoud and Moustafa Abdel Salam.

And although Al Makida movie has been produced for the ICFLIX Jazwood category (Arabic content), it will be available with English and French subtitles, making it accessible to all audiences.

Moreover, this movie that is the second of 12 original productions to be released by ICFLIX in the coming year can be viewed by ICFLIX subscribers on their website ( www.icflix.com ) or any of the free apps, available for smartphones, smart TVs, tablets and soon, gaming consoles.

ICFLIX provides its users with access to its Jazwood (Arabic), Hollywood and Bollywood content, including the largest library of Arabic movies and shows available online.

Additionally, subtitles and alternative audio options are available for a majority of the content, making it accessible for French, Arabic and English speakers.

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